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Pestrol/Lifestyle supplies a range of alternative Pest control and a range of lifestyle products. 

Our team has over 18 years of experience with these products.

Pestrol supplies

Proven range of alternative pest control products available in today’s marketplace

Our existing customers are our best salespeople.

  • We sell products that repel rodents and cockroaches effectively
  • Our automatic insect control product is extremely effective on all flying and crawling insects. We sell
  • refill cans for most dispensers. Not available elsewhere..
  • Products and formulas specifically designed to achieve the maximum results that customers seek
  • Effective Bird and Animal repellers…Protect buildings and properties.
  • Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier….effective control for Bed Bugs
  • Outdoor insect control covers up to 2 acres. A range of units available,

Lifestyle Products

We sell a range of Lifestyle products including the following;-

  • Spray and Go For fast and effective control of Moss Mould and Lichen
  • Green Assassin 100% organic fast weed killer. Works within 90 minutes.
  • Water Distillers and accessories.- We sell a range of water distillers including the Ecowater 8800 and
  • Waterwizard brands.