Home Insect Control – Tips For Every Home Owner

There are plenty of things that you can do around the home for a variety of insect issues. First of all, if you have a lot of mosquitoes around your home you should investigate your garden and surrounding area nearby. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so if there are plenty of puddles and small containers […]

The Pestrol Rodent Free Electronic Repeller – An Effective Device!

Rodents are very destructive pests that people do not want to have to live with. Fortunately, Pestrol has an excellent product called the Pestrol Rodent Free Rodent Repeller. This product is a great choice for the average home owner because it is non-toxic and non-invasive. It is a low cost device that you can set […]

Pestrol Rodent Free Video

  Introducing the ultra modern, ultrasonic, electromagnetic technology that rids your home of rats, mice, and even helps control cockroaches. Plug it in and before you know it, pests just up and leave. Call now and experience the dramatic effects of this latest technology from Pestrol absolutely free. Testimonial: “I placed two in the mother […]