Fruit Flies: Pests In Your Home

As their name suggests, fruit flies are attracted to fruit – rotting/fermenting fruit to be more specific. They are, however, not restricted to fruits as their only source of nutrition but will also feed on other fermenting organic matter. With the ability to lay up to 400 eggs at a time combined with quick development into adulthood, one fruit fly can lead the charge for a full blown infestation. The most noticeable signs of a […]

Fleas – Life Cycle and Control

Fleas will suck blood from both you (the pet owner) and your pet. These wingless bugs do not discriminate and will feed off anything that has blood flowing in them. Aside from the painful bites and the allergic reactions they cause, flea bites have the potential to spread diseases to pets and humans alike. One such disease is the rare Bubonic plague. Fleas can also transmit diseases from one host to another as they feed […]

Silverfish – Life Cycle and Control

The name might mislead you into thinking that these insects are related to fish: far from it. They actually got this name from their silvery colour and the fish-like appearance of their movement. Silverfish, otherwise known as fishmoths are small wingless insects that feed on starches, sugar, dextrin in adhesives and other carbohydrates/polysaccharides. Although capable of surviving most environments, Silverfish prefer to live in moist areas such as bathtubs, sinks, attics, and showers. If left […]