Pest infestation is a common thing in every home, with pests ranging from rats & mice to stray cats and dogs. Dealing with any pest is a challenge as most animal pests pose a potential threat to human beings; they can bite or scratch you as you attempt to remove them leading to deadly diseases such as rabies. The best thing to do is to keep your distance. This does not necessarily mean that you must hire a professional to do it for you. In fact, most if not all pest problems can be handled without the services of a professional. With one or two devices you will be able to repel pests from your home safely.

Dealing with pest issues by yourself also ensures that the animal pests are dealt with in a humane way that does not harm the animals nor the environment. Professionals are known to sometimes seek quick solutions that involve the use of harsh chemicals which may be harmful to the environment and even you, if you come into contact with them.

Pestrol has made handling animal pests by yourself easier by creating amazing gadgets and devices that are both Eco-friendly and humane to use. To help you deal with your animal pest problems, here are a few common pests and solutions created by Pestrol to help you deal with them.


These are the hardest kinds of animal pests to control. This is because unlike their larger counterparts, rodents are smaller and thus able to hide in spaces inside your home that you can never reach. Other than spreading disease, rats and mice will damage your property by chewing on wires, pipes, clothes and other items in the house. They may also have pests such as flies and ticks on them that could be introduced into your home causing more problems. They both have gestation periods of less than a month and will produce up to 12 litters at ago. This means that if control is not done in time, your house could be overrun by rodents.

Once you have noticed your house is infested with rodents, it is best that you act as quickly as possible. You can use one of several methods to remove them. Options include:

Rodent traps

Pestrol has developed several rodent traps that work well to trap rodents in a manner that is both humane and friendly to the environment. Some of these include:

Pestrol Rat/Mice Multi Catch. This trap comes in two variations; small and large. The smaller one works for mice while the large one works for both mice and rats. The trap can be re-used an unlimited number of times as all you have to do is release the trapped rodents and reposition the trap.

Pestrol Rat/Mice Multi Catch

Pestrol Mice Device – This is a mouse trap designed for small, narrow spaces that are not large enough for other traps. It is designed to catch multiple mice and can be re-used once the trapped mice are released.

Pestrol Mice Device

Traps offer a great solution as compared to poisons as they are animal specific (meaning they won’t catch anything else other than mice and rats) and will reduce the possibility of rodents dying and decaying in hard to reach places.

Rodent Repellers

Repellers are another viable option when it comes to dealing with rodents. Repellers will scare away rodents preventing infestation. Some repellers offered by Pestrol include:

The Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller – This device will work well for both home and large scale commercial application. The device produces Ultrasonic sound that causes discomfort to rodents but not humans. Actually, humans can barely hear this sound. This device will scare away all rodents.


Pestrol Rodent Free – This device uses a combination of Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic technologies to ward off rats from certain areas. Just plug in this device to a power source and let it do the magic!

Rodent Free


Once possums invade your attic or underneath your house, you will never know quiet. These animals make a lot of noise and create a big mess in your home. They eat your garden plants and defecate all over your property. They can also disrupt the Eco-system by disturbing native birds in the area. So how do you get rid of possums? Well you could use one of two options:

Using a trap

The Pestrol Possum Trap comes in handy for this job. These traps enables you to trap, transport and then release the possum while maintaining safety for both you and the animal. The trap is built strong so that the trapped animal does not escape. This trap can also be re-used for a long period of time.

Pestrol Possum Trap

Using repellers

Repellers available for possums include:

The Pestrol Outside Animal Repeller – This nifty device repels possums from your home by emitting ultrasonic sound that is intolerable to possums but almost inaudible by humans. This device is very effective in scaring away unwanted animals from your property. This device can work continuously or use the inbuilt sensor to activate when an animal gets inside its range.

 Pestrol Outside Animal Repeller

The Pestrol Animal Motion Activated Water Jet Repeller. This device emits a five second bust of water to scare away animals detected by its inbuilt motion sensor. It is solar powered and only needs to be connected to an ordinary hose pipe for it to function. 4 AA rechargeable batteries are provided for power storage.

Pestrol Animal Motion Activated Water Jet Repeller

Dogs and cats

This problem can be very frustrating and especially so if you do not have a cat or dog of your own. Stray cats and dogs or maybe your neighbours’ pets may be wandering into your yard and messing up your gardens by defecating and digging around. The main challenge when dealing with cats and/or dogs is that traps cannot be used as the animal may just be the neighbours pet wandering around. Repellers are best suited for this job as they will only scare away the animals without trapping them. Some applicable repellers include:

Pestrol Animal Away – This solar powered device is fitted with a motion detector that goes off when an animal is detected within its range. It produces ultrasonic sound that will scare off unwelcome cats and dogs from your property. The solar energy is stored in rechargeable batteries for night time use.


The Pestrol Outside Repeller – This weather proofed device also works by emitting ultrasonic sounds that scare away animals. This model needs to be plugged in to a power source for it to function.

The Pestrol Outside Repeller

Solve your animal pest problems by using one of these humane and environmentally friendly options provided by Pestrol.

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