Common Pests and Pest Control Products for Canterbury

When you have a pest problem the one thing that you have in mind is getting rid of your unwelcome guests.  Some pests are harmless but annoying while others can cause real damage to your home.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be able to identify pests and then deal with them in an expedient manner so that they have been eliminated once and for all.

Canterbury has some common pests that most households will experience.  These include:

1. Cockroaches.


Most people recoil in disgust when they see a cockroach, for very good reason!  Cockroaches regurgitate saliva and excrement and contaminate all kinds of things including countertops in kitchens, dishes, utensils and food.  They can cause allergies and irritation with the waste and odours they leave behind.  You can help to eliminate cockroaches by promptly cleaning up any food spills and eliminate sources of water.

Cockroach control products:

2. Birds. 

Bird mess

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When they are in their own environment birds are lovely, but when they are roosting on your house and defecating on your vehicles, they can be very messy and noisy.  Once you have a bird problem, damage will ensue.  Bird waste can remove paint and cause damage and destruction as well as health issues.  Abandoned bird nests can become a home for other pests to move into.

Bird control products:

3. Ants.


If you see one ant in your home, you can be certain that there are more around.  This is because ants are not solitary insects and live in large colonies.  Ants can cause damage to electrical wiring and can make large nests in small spaces.  They will become problematic when you start to see thousands of them swarming around and marching through your home.

Ant control products:

4. Rodents.


Rats and mice are common in many homes in the area.  They are attracted by easy food and water sources.  Rodents can cause a lot of damage to property by chewing through electrical wiring, and through walls and framing which can cause structural integrity issues.  Rodents have poor eyesight and leave urine trails when they move around so that they can find their way back to their nest.

Rodent control products:

5. Bed bugs.


These little creatures are enjoying a worldwide infestation comeback.  They can go for very long times without feeding which allows them to be easily transported long distances and survive.  They tend to infest beds and mattresses and prey on sleeping humans at night, obtaining a blood meal from their human hosts.

Bed bug control products:

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