Most people have had the pleasure of a fruit fly infestation at least one time in their life. These tiny flies seem to appear from out of nowhere and infest your home. The adult drosophilidae flies are between 3 and 4 mm long and have a tan thorax and red eyes. The abdomen is gray underneath and black on the top. Once you notice that you have some fruit flies, the population may be quite large and it is time for fruit flies pest control.

The population of a fruit fly colony will build up over the summer. Fruit flies indoors are active at any time of the year, eating fruit and vegetables that are overripe and products that are fermented such as wine or beer. The larvae of the fruit fly needs a moist area near organic material and standing water in order to properly develop. The average life span of an adult fruit fly is 30 days.

How do you know if you have a fruit fly infestation?

You will see two very obvious signs if you have fruit flies and those are adult fruit flies in your kitchen and around your rubbish bins. They also gather around fruit and vegetables that are starting to decay. Mature larvae crawl out of rotting materials and can be seen pupating in dry areas nearby.

Fruit flies can be extremely difficult to eradicate. They are attracted to organic materials that contain sugar and commonly fermenting fruit. These flies are not above reproducing in trash bins, spills of alcohol or soda and decaying meat. Fruit needs to be stored in the refrigerator and every surface should be carefully wiped clean with a good disinfectant product. Rubbish bins should be emptied regularly to remove decaying materials from the home and prevent odours that can attract fruit flies.
A preventative method of fruit flies pest control is to destroy the area where the flies feed and breed. Once you have located the area where feeding and breeding is occurring, you need to clean up the area often and carefully. The process can be frustrating, with repeated treatments required to get the problem under control.

One of the best methods of fruit flies pest control is the Pestrol Trapple Fruit Fly Trap. This is an effective product that helps to eliminate fruit flies. The trap is small and decorative and is baited with a formula that is irresistible to fruit flies. This formula lasts between 6 – 8 weeks and continues to attract fruit flies until they are eliminated. The trap resembles an apple and contains a sticky board inside along with the attractant product. As flies are trapped you do not have to view the carnage, simply remove the full adhesive card and replace it every so often.

Pestrol Ultra Automatic Dispenser is programmable and completely natural, so it is not harmful to the residents in the home or any pets. The dispenser runs on 2 AA batteries and lasts between 9 and 12 months. A fine mist of the product is dispensed into the atmosphere of your home every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your settings. This product automatically kills insects and leaves your home pest free.

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