A Complete Guide To Rat Pests

Rats are medium-sized, long-tailed rodents that are common pests in homes all over the world. Although there’re several reasons why you wouldn’t want these pests inside your home, the most prominent is their destructive nature.
Rats gnaw on almost any material they come across from wire insulation to plastic pipes.

This not only causes expensive damage to your home, but also exposes your home to the risk of fire due to the naked wires left behind.

Additionally, rats can spread diseases to humans and pets. Diseases can be spread directly through bites, contaminated food and inhalation or ingestion of rat droppings and other excretions. Rats could also have other pests on them such as ticks and fleas which they could introduce into your house causing indirect disease propagation.

The Life Cycle Of A Rat

Rats do not have specific breeding seasons and will usually reproduce throughout the year provided the conditions are favourable.

Females reach sexual maturity in about 5 weeks and can produce up to five litters a year. A single litter could produce as many as 14 young. This quick reproduction means that infestations will develop quickly if not acted upon expeditiously.

In favourable conditions, a rat will live for about 3 years but this is reduced to one year for most rats due to unfavourable living conditions. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_rat#Reproduction_and_life_cycle)

Have you identified a rat infestation in or around your home? Get rid of your rat problem with our range of rat control products.

How To Identify A Rat Infestation

Because rats are nocturnal creatures that stay hidden during the day, spotting a live one is quite difficult. You’ll, therefore, need to rely on common signs to identify this kind of infestation. These signs include:

  • Droppings shaped like grains of rice and dark brown in colour.
  • An ammonia-like smell that is strongest in enclosed spaces such as lofts and closets.
  • Scratching noises coming from under the floor, decking and in walls as rats move around.
  • Nests built in warm hidden places usually with shredded materials such as newspapers and fabrics.
  • Damaged property and ripped food packaging will also point to a rat infestation.
  • live rodents
  • gnawed holes in stored food such as chicken feed
  • urine (ammonia) odours
  • scuttling in your roof or walls
  • unusual pet behaviour

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Have you identified a rat infestation in or around your home? Get rid of your rat problem with our range of rat control products.

Prevention And Control

Rats are attracted to your house by two things; food and shelter. Deny them access to these and you’ll successfully avoid an infestation. This can be done by:

  • Keeping your house clean and tidy. Vacuum regularly, do the dishes, clean food related messes and avoid clutter.
  • Keeping your food in secure containers preferably those made from glass or metal.
  • Checking and sealing all holes in your house’s walls.
  • Covering bins used for food waste.

Although these precautions will help keep rats away, their effectiveness is not guaranteed. They’ll also not work for already existing infestations. For the best results, you’ll have to use professional rat control products.

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Have you identified a rat infestation in or around your home? Get rid of your rat problem with our range of rat control products.

Humane Rat Traps: Catch And Release

There are many ways to kill a rat as the old saying goes: but that is not the only solution to your rat problems. There are other humane ways of controlling rats. The best alternative and most humane method of controlling rats being the use of traps. Once captured, you can let them free, away from your house without harming them.

How rat traps work

A rap trap is a simple device that attracts rats using baits. They can either use a locking mechanism to lock in rats that go into the trap or have a ‘bottleneck’ entry so that they cannot squeeze their way out once they get inside the trap.

Traps that use ‘bottleneck’ entries are especially effective as they can trap more than one rat at a time. The Pestrol Rat Multi Catch is one such device. Its large design enables it to capture up to twenty rats. This is the most humane way of getting rid of rats.

Benefits of using rat traps

  1. They offer a viable alternative for rat control in areas where dead rats cannot be tolerated.
  2. They come in handy for control where chemical pesticides are not allowed.
  3. Rat traps eliminate the risk of rats dying and decomposing in hard to reach areas.
  4. Other untargeted animals such as pets will not fall victim to this method of control.
  5. Rat traps enable easy disposal of trapped rats.


The rat trap is arguably the best rat control method available. It is easy to set up, friendly to non-targeted animals and will preserve the life of rats if you do not wish to kill them.

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benefits of using rat traps

Pestrol Rodent Control Product Selection Guide

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best rodent control products which may help you in your different situations.

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro:

Home set up.

The Pestrol Rodent Free Pro will cover ceilings, walls and open spaces. There is no need to install a ceiling power point. If there are no electric wires in the ceilings we also sell the Pestrol Ultrasonic Repeller.

First of all, make certain that any holes are blocked around the drain pipes and in the hot water cupboard, kitchen and bathroom areas.

If the home is older and the electric wiring has not been replaced recently it may be wise to have additional units.

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro

Special Discounted Prices if you buy Multiple units!

2 Units

3 Units

5 Units

10 Units

For 1-2 Bedroom Home

1 Rodent Free Pro unit

For 2-3 Bedroom Home

Install 2 units spaced through the home.  This will cover open spaces Wall and ceilings

For 3 bedroom and larger homes

You will need to install 3 or more units.

Space the units throughout the home and also on separate levels.

If there are separate power systems in a home extra units will be required depending on house size.

With additional home levels extra units maybe required to ensure an adequate coverage.

The Rodent Free Pro is also suitable for offices, computer rooms and cafeterias.

Also helps to control Cockroaches.

Mice often go around in circles and find it difficult to find an escape route to get outside. If this happens which is rare use a small mouse cage.


Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller:

Provides 180 degree coverage.

This unit emits ultrasonic sounds.

These strong waves repel rats/mice.

Coverage : 150-200 sq m

Ideal for garages, basements, tool sheds and workshops

Mains Powered with adapter



View the Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller > 




Pestrol 360 Pest Repeller:

Our best seller for open spaces! This unit emits ultrasonic sounds which repel rats out of your double garage. You can also put this unit inside the ceiling space if you have access to power there.

Coverage : 375 sq m

Mains Powered with adapter.

Ideal for shops, larger garages, dairy sheds, wool sheds and workshops.






 View the Pestrol 360 deg Pest Repeller > 

Pestrol Commercial Rat and Mice Repeller:

Coverage  800 square metres

Mains Powered with adapter.

Ideal for larger garages, boat sheds, wool sheds, warehouses, grain storage locations and workshops.

View the Pestrol Commercial Rat and Mice Repeller >

Pestrol Battery Powered Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller:

Covers an area of 185 sq. m. perfect for open spaces like garage/attic/holiday home and ceilings where there in so power.

Powered by 1 x 9V alkaline battery supplied and the battery will last approximately 6 months.

View the Pestrol Battery powered Ultrasonic repeller >

Rats/Mice inside your vehicle?

The Pestrol Vehicle Rodent Repeller

vehicle rodent repeller

This device is a hard wired mountable unit for your vehicle that emits ultrasonic waves that repel rodents away from it. The ultrasonic sound produced is inaudible to humans but is very disturbing to rodents and forces them to leave the area.

The repeller consumes very low amounts of power to ensure that it does not deplete your battery. It automatically starts when the vehicle is turned off and switches off when the vehicle is running to keep your vehicle protected whenever it’s parked.

It’s ideal for Cars, Diggers, Campervans, Trucks, Boats, and Harvesters among others. It’s a safe, humane and effective way of keeping your vehicle safe from rodents.

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