If you have a rodent infestation in your home or your workplace these little creatures can be very destructive, causing damage to the building and to everything inside of it.

Generally, by the time people notice the signs of a rodent infestation; it is fairly advanced and may take a lot of work to get it under control.

Eliminating rodents takes a lot of work, but the sooner you get started, the sooner you will eliminate the problem.

What are the signs of a rodent infestation?

Rodent droppings are about the size of a grain of rice and while you may not notice one or two droppings on their own, when there are plenty of rodents the droppings will be numerous and difficult to ignore.

Once droppings have dried, they can be dangerous because they contain many viruses and diseases.

Dried droppings can break apart easily when they come into contact with something like a broom and then they release particles into the air that can be inhaled and then will lead to dangerous respiratory infections.

You should never try to clean up or move any droppings without taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and a respirator and spray the area down with a disinfectant before cleaning it up. Never sweep or vacuum the droppings or you may risk dispersing particles or breathing them in.

If you notice that items you have stored have been chewed up and that there are fluffy balls of paper in hidden corners, this is a sign of a rodent’s nest. Rodents chew up paper and fluff it up to make a soft nest where they can raise a litter of offspring.

They may also chew into any food items that you have stashed in your pantry or basement or other areas of your home.

You may start to hear some strange noises if you have an infestation. Rodents have teeth that never stop growing and they tend to gnaw on hard surfaces often. They gnaw on all kinds of materials to gain access into a building and the noises that they make with chewing can echo throughout a building and echo, sounding like heavy scratching.

Clawing sounds are another common sound that people can hear if they have rodents in their home. Rodents claw when they are looking for a location to nest and when they are searching for food. It is common for people to hear scratching and gnawing sounds coming from the attic or roof if they have a rat infestation.

Roof rats are a species of rodent that live in trees because they prefer to live at higher elevations. Roof rats get into homes by accessing the inside of the roof through eaves and gaining entry into attics.

Rodents Multiply Quickly

It is very important to get any rodent infestation under control as soon as you notice that you have a problem. Rodents can have a fresh family, once a month, of 8 – 10 babies.

Start adding those numbers up and you will soon see how this can spiral out of control in no time at all. If you do not discover the problem and then take an effective approach to rat control and mice control right away, the population can build up very quickly and there are soon too many critters to count.

How to Deal with an Infestation

Many people are concerned that an infestation is an expensive problem to deal with, especially when you need to call in a professional pest control company. The good news is that this is not a necessity, especially when Pestrol offers many affordable and useful solutions to this kind of problem.
Try a few different methods so that you approach the problem from a variety of angles. Rodents can be very smart once they learn how a pest control product works and how to avoid it. Using a variety of methods is the best way to tackle and eliminate the problem of mice control and rat control.

Pestrol Products are a good solution for dealing with Rodent Control

Pestrol understands the need for any home owner or business owner to deal with a rodent infestation without having to spend a fortune on pest control. Pestrol offers a variety of affordable products that are safe and effective. Pestrol’s pest control methods do not involve laying out dangerous poisons and worrying about neighbourhood pets eating them.

Pestrol Rodent Free is an electronic device that emits an annoying sound that will drive rodents away.

Rodents will leave the building for a quieter area because they do not like the noise that the device makes. Pestrol Rodent free can also prevent future infestations from occurring by discouraging rodents from moving in.

These devices are available in smaller sizes or large commercial sizes, and the size of device you should purchase will depend upon the size of the building that has an infestation.

Pestrol Rodent traps  are a great way to trap rodents and get rid of them humanely. Each trap is manufactured from galvanized mesh so it cannot be chewed through. Once rodents are in the trap they are unable to get out.

Small rodent traps hold up to eight live mice, trapping them one at a time. These traps have a top entry point that funnels into the trap, so that once the rodents are in the trap they cannot escape.

Rodent traps are re-usable and are safe to use around pets and children because they require no poison bait and have no dangerous springs.

It is important for people to know that they can absolutely take care of rat control and mice control on their own when they have access to a line of reliable and useful products like the ones that Pestrol offers.

All of the products sold on the site have been used successfully in a variety of situations and have been proven effective. The best part about the products sold by Pestrol for rodent control is that these products are affordable.

For the cost of one professional visit and assessment, you can purchase a reasonable amount of supplies to deal with any infestation that is taking over your home.

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