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If you notice a few insects in your home then you might not think anything about it at first. Some people see small signs of insects and do not worry about it at all, but in some cases ignoring the signs can mean you are ignoring an infestation which can lead to issues later on. Once you have made the determination that you have an infestation it is time to consider indoor pest control products to deal with the problem.

Pestrol has some excellent indoor pest control products that will take care of all of your pest problems. You just need to find the right item after you make a determination of what type of pest problem you have. Here are some signs that you have a problem that requires action:

Droppings. You may notice small black dots or oval pellets which are from mice or rats, or from insects. All pests are experts at hiding so that you may never see their droppings, you need to clean up the clutter and look into cupboards or other closed up areas where these creatures hide. Look behind boxes, behind furniture, behind appliances and any areas that make good hiding spots and do not normally see the light of day. You should look for pellets, urine stains and other signs of unwanted critters. Pestrol Rodent Traps are manufactured from strong galvanised mesh and have a metal base plate. They are simple to bait and set, with a top entry point for little critters to access. You can easily view how many rodents you have captured and release them away from your home. The traps are reusable and safe around children and pets.

Pestrol Rodent Traps

Strange Holes and small piles of sawdust. Termites and carpenter ants leave behind small piles of sawdust or powdery residue around windowsills, molding, doorways and any other area where there is wood in your home. Pests that destroy wood can literally destroy your home from the inside out and cause trim to loosen, floors to sag, and wood to appear blistered or wavy. Pestrol is a product that has a unique formulation and can be safely used inside of your home without concern about children or pets. The product has a 100% natural and active ingredient which is Pyretherin. This product repels insects and lasts between 6 and 9 weeks and is continuously released with an automatic dispenser.

Wings and carcasses. Most people will find the occasional wing or dead bug, but if you look around and find them in multiple places or in large numbers then it is cause for alarm. This can mean that you have a large infestation of bugs to worry about. Whether you have cockroaches or some other type of insect, cockroach pads are perfect for eliminating these insects. This adhesive glue trap collects cockroaches and once it is full it can simply be thrown away. All natural ingredients keep your family safe.

cockroach pads

Nesting materials. If you happen to find shredded paper, insulation or fabric and it is rounded with a flattened area inside, then you are probably looking at a rodent’s nest. Cleaning up the nesting materials does not get rid of the rodents, they will simply build another nest as soon as they can gather up more materials. The Pestrol Commercial Pest Repeller is a device that repels rodents through the use of ultrasonic sound waves. Rodents feel uncomfortable and leave the area because they find the noise unbearable.

Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000

Chewed packaging. If you notice food packaging in your pantry that has been scratched, torn, shredded or chewed, this is a good indication that you have a rat or other type of pest that is feasting on your stored items. If pests have started eating something, throw away that item and clean your cupboard out. Store items that are easy to get into in hard plastic containers or glass jars with a metal screw top lid.

Dried Blood Flakes. Bugs that feast on blood such as bed bugs will leave small blood spots behind. If you see small brown flecks on the walls, furniture or your bedding then you should take a closer look for bed bugs. Pestrol Bed Bug Barrier is an effective method for controlling bed bugs in your home. It desiccates bed bugs and kills them simply by being placed around the area where the bed bugs live.

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