Adult moths are not dangerous nor do they pose any significant health risks, but moth larvae cause damage to clothing, fur, leather, fabrics and to carpets. Larvae feed on fibres that are derived from animals including wool and silk. While moth larvae will feast on clothes and other items they prefer dirty or soiled fabrics over clean ones. This is a good reason to keep items that are susceptible to moth infestation clean to protect them from damage.

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Do you have a moth infestation?

If you have a moth infestation it will be notable with a few different and obvious signs. First of all there will be adult moths located in darkened areas and they may fly around. If you open a dark closet and see moths inside, you need to take a closer look for larvae. Moth larvae are similar in appearance to maggots. They also may be in cases or silken tubes until they are developed enough to emerge from the casing.

The two most common types of moths are the webbing clothes moth which is about inch long with no distinctive markings and straw-coloured wings. The larvae are a creamy white colour and have a brown head and can be an inch long. They tend to make irregular holes in fabrics. The case bearing clothes moth is fond of imported animal fabrics. Adults are about 6 mm long and are a buff colour and feature three faint spots. The larvae are creamy white and up an inch long. The holes that they make in clothing are more regular in appearance.

Preventing moth problems and effective moth control

Clothes moths prefer a dark environment to lighted areas and the areas where you might see an infestation include under a bed, in cupboards or in wardrobes. Attics may also experience an infestation because items that may be a target for moths are often stored in boxes. Soiled clothing items are attractive to moths, so if clothes are to be stored they should be cleaned and then placed into sealed plastic bags to keep them safe.

It is important to inspect areas that are hidden from view like areas under furniture and wool rugs. Even if you vacuum on a regular basis you may still have soil remaining in the carpet that can be attractive to moths. It is important to use effective moth control methods that will get rid of moths once and for all.

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Pestrol Moth Control Methods

Pestrol Ultra – This is an effective product that runs on an automatic dispenser and can be fully programmed. The dispenser is powered by 2 AA batteries which will last for about 9 – 12 months.

The dispenser releases a fine mist of Pestrol Ultra every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, depending upon your settings. This product contains 100% natural pyretherin which works to repel insects from your home and your workplace.

The product is safe and can be used around children, pets and people with allergies. You do not need to worry about using the product around food preparation areas since it is non-toxic.

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