How to choose the best rodent control product?

Choosing the best product to help with your rodent control problem is not easy. There are so many different products to choose from and you may have questions like these:

  • Do I need a rodent trap or repeller?
  • What is ultrasonic rodent control. What is Ionic rodent control?
  • Do I want to kill the rodents, repel them or get rid of an existing rodent problem?
  • Do I need different products for dealing rodents that are inside the house to those that are outside in my garden or shed?

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best rodent control products which may help you in your different situations.


I have a rodent problem INSIDE my house

Plugin rodent repellers are useful here. They are electronic  and emit high frequency noise that only the rodent can hear.  This will repel them out of your house.

Options here depend on the number of rooms you need to cover, or the size of the area:

Per room:

Pestrol Rodent Free.  Plugs in to your power points and you buy the number of units to suit the size of your house:

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro



View the options >


Larger rooms like a small garage or rumpus room

Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller. This is ideal for larger rooms inside your house:



View the Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller > 



Pestrol Battery Powered Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller : Covers an area of 185 sq. m. : perfect for open spaces like garage/attic.

View the Pestrol Battery powered Ultrasonic repeller here >

Larger open spaces inside, like a double garage, attic or barn

The Pestrol 360 deg pest repeller is ideal for large open spaces inside your home.



 View the Pestrol 360 deg Pest Repeller > 

I have a rodent problem OUTSIDE my house

Rodent repellers for use outside have both ultra sonic (high frequency sound) and a flashing strobe light. You can choose the best unit for the size of the outdoor area you wish to cover.  Note: these units will also repel a variety of other pests such as possums, rabbits, cats and dogs.  They are solar powered and motion activated.

Smaller outdoor area eg small garden, lawns, flower beds, patios

The Pestrol Solar Compact Repeller:


View the Pestrol Solar Compact Repeller >



Larger outdoor area, 25 m radius eg larger yards

The Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller:

Pestrol Solar Elite Bird Repeller



View the Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller >


Very large outdoor areas such as small orchards, boats, schools, big yards

The Pestrol Animal/Bird Yard Repeller:



 View the Pestrol Animal/Bird Yard Repeller >


I have rodents in my car

We have a product specifically for this:

The Pestrol Vehicle Rodent Repeller. Plugs into your battery and turns itself on and off automatically. It stays wired in so you don’t need to keep taking it out and putting it in.


View the Pestrol Vehicle Rodent Repeller > 



Do I want to kill the rodents or humanely trap them?

That’s up to you, we have options for both:

Electric and Spring Loaded Rodent Traps (Kill Traps)

These will kill the rodent, and you must then dispose of the dead rodent:

Pestrol Electronic Rat Assassin:

An electric rat trap.



View the Pestrol Electronic Rat Assassin >



The Pestrol Snap Rat Trap:


View the Pestrol Snap Rat Trap >



The Pestrol Snap Mouse Trap:


View The Pestrol Snap Mouse Trap > 


Humane Rodent Cage Traps

Catch the rodent in a cage and release it elsewhere.


The Pestrol Black Rat Cage:Pestrol Rat or Mouse/Mice Multi Catch CageThe Pestrol Rat Cage:

View The Pestrol Black Rat Cage: >

View the Pestrol Rat /Mice Multi Catch (Large) >

View The Pestrol Rat Cage > 


Still not sure which product is best for your rodent problem?  Just ask Pestrol.

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