Photo Autumn

Autumn is Almost Here!

We are heading into Autumn Kiwis and you know what that means, Autumn Pests are looking for new homes and sheds for warmth and food. But don’t be alarmed, we’re around to give you the best advice to stop them, keep them away or deal with an existing problem. Lets have a look at the […]

What Pest Is That? Summary of Pest Signs

Controlling pests is a costly affair, but this cost pales in comparison to the cost of not identifying and dealing with an infestation on time. Pests multiply quickly and if left to their own devices will grow in population making the infestation more costly in terms of control and damage to your property. Pests will […]

A Complete Guide To Mice Pests

Mice are small warm-blooded animals that are found in almost all parts of the world. They are some of the most destructive pests you could have in your home. Mice gnaw at virtually anything within reach from food to plastics and wire insulation. They chew through walls, floor joists and can even damage your home’s […]


Common Pests and Pest Control Products for Canterbury

When you have a pest problem the one thing that you have in mind is getting rid of your unwelcome guests.  Some pests are harmless but annoying while others can cause real damage to your home. The main thing to keep in mind is to be able to identify pests and then deal with them […]

Leggy Invaders This Summer!

Great article: .  Just to recap: Pest control specialists are predicting a busy season for insects this summer. The dry conditions and increased temperatures are expected to encourage insect population growth, so do not be surprised to find yourself having to deal with a major insect infestation. Some of the bugs noted to be […]

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