Controlling Birds On Your Property

What are Problems associated with an Avian Infestation? What are the Bird Pests Common in New Zealand? What is the Life Cycle of a Bird? How to Control Birds? What are Bird Control Spikes? How to install? What are the benefits using it? Other Bird Repellers and Deterrents What are Sound Repellers? What are the benefits using it? What are Visual Deterrents? What are the benefits using it? What are Physical Repellers? What are the […]

Pest Control News New Zealand – July 2016

Picton’s quest to become the first predator-free town in New Zealand, how the moon affects possum and rodent behaviour, and a surge in rat infestation cases in Dunedin: all covered in our monthly news roundup. A town’s quest to become predator free Picton, a Marlborough Coastal community, is looking to become New Zealand’s first town to get rid of all predator pests. The Marlborough District Council is backing the project being implemented by the environmental […]

New Zealand Indoors Summer Insect Pests

Summer means warmer temperatures and warmer temperatures mean more bugs. Bugs reproduce at a higher rate during summer making them a bit more difficult to manage. Insects make your home uncomfortable to live in. They may not cause any harm to you, but just having them around is enough to annoy you – maybe even embarrass you in front of a guest. Controlling insects is quite a challenge and especially so because they are tiny […]

Pest Control For Winter

Many pests will be looking for a safe haven over the winter season and many of them will seek refuge in your home because it is warm and provides them with a safe haven from the elements. Mice like to nest in basements and attics and can cause a serious amount of damage to your home by chewing through drywall and electrical wires which can pose a fire hazard. Mice can also contaminate stored foods […]