Wasps – Control in Your Home

Although important in some instances – such as farming where they control the population of other harmful pest insects – wasps are very dangerous when they show up at your home. Wasps are dangerous because they sting. And unlike bees that only sting once, wasps can sting repeatedly. To some people, this sting could be lethal causing serious symptoms that could be fatal. Different wasp species come in different colours and sizes. There are a […]

Ants – Control in Your Home

Ants are tiny insects that move in large numbers to areas where food has been identified. They will not set up their home there but will move back and forth until they transport all the food into their nest. They generally do not bite (with some exceptions) or carry any disease natively. They are, however, capable of contaminating your food through contact as they cover a lot of ground while foraging which exposes them to […]

Cat and Dog Control – The Options

Having a cat or dog problem can be frustrating, especially when you do not have any pets of your own. When these animals are wandering around your neighbourhood, it can be a full time challenge to try to discourage them from accessing your garden. You may find that these animals can become a nuisance because the will dig in your gardens, use your yard as their bathroom and destroy certain elements of your property. Do […]

Spray and Go – Top 10 Benefits.

https://www.pestrol.co.nz/spray-and-go.html Spray and Go is a multipurpose formulation that clears mould, moss, mildew and algae. This formulation contains no bleach, is bio degradable and is completely safe and easy to use. It can be used to clean timber, concrete, decks, plastic, canvas, bricks, tiles and many more surfaces. Results can be seen within 24 hours of use depending on weather. Here’s how this amazing product works: You just spray it on the area that needs […]

Winter Fly Pest Control

It is no secret that flies are a major nuisance and transmit disease that can be harmful or deadly to humans. If you have a fly problem, you will need to find effective fly pest control methods to deal with them. Flies pick up disease from sewage, dead animals, garbage and excrement and transmit those disease to us through their vomit and faeces being deposited on food preparation surfaces, food, sanitary items or things that […]