Rodents are very destructive pests that people do not want to have to live with. Fortunately, Pestrol has an excellent product called the Pestrol Rodent Free Rodent Repeller. This product is a great choice for the average home owner because it is non-toxic and non-invasive. It is a low cost device that you can set and forget that will literally repel rodents away from your home.

Pestrol Rodent Free

What Does the Pestrol Rodent Free Rodent Repeller do?

This device plugs in to the wall and emits a high frequency noise that is annoying to rodents. They simply cannot stand the sound and they leave the area, and it also prevents new rodent pests from coming in. The device is safe, environmentally friendly and does not require chemicals or sticky residue paper. You do not have to trap rodents to release them or dispose of them elsewhere.

This device will not harm children or pets and it has a full two year warranty. And you do not need to be worried about electrical safety because the units are fully tested by Underwriters Laboratories in Auckland. This is the number one selling rodent repelling device in New Zealand.

What Other Options Are There?

There are other ways to eliminate rodents. These primarily include traps and poisons. But for those who want yet another choice, there is a device called the Pestrol Electronic Rodent Assassin. This device quickly eliminates rodents through electronic means. Bait is used to attract the rodent and once it steps onto the plate it is eliminated electronically. The high voltage electronic shock eliminates rats and mice and will not shock a person. The product does not take much power at all (low power consumption) and is extremely suitable for long term operation. There is a low battery indicator so you will know when it is time to replace the batteries to ensure you have continued protection.

Pestrol Electronic Rodent Assassin

Live rodent traps are yet another option. You can capture mice and rats and transport them to another location to release them. This is a good option if you do not want to exterminate them or deal with getting rid of the deceased bodies. If you plan to use live traps, you will need to check them on a regular basis and ensure that you empty them too. If you prefer not to deal with live rodents at all, the Pestrol Rodent Free Repeller
is a great option because it repels the rodents, preventing them from even
coming near your home in the first place.

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