4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel (300 g)


A great solution to discourage pest birds such as pigeons and starlings from resting, nesting or roosting.

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Features :

  • Makes a surface sticky and uncomfortable to birds
  • Safe for use in any weather, indoor or outdoors
  • Easy brush on application or apply with pressurised sprayer
  • Effectively discourages birds from roosting on or returning to the treated area for up to one year
  • Liquid repellent which is essentially a non-drying glue. Apply it to trees and other surfaces where nuisance animals roost or travel


Why Choose 4 the Birds Repellent Gel?

  1. Non-toxic; doesn’t harm birds.
  2. Retains its effects for up to one year under most weather conditions.
  3. Safe to use internally or externally as required.
  4. 4 the Birds Repellent Gel repels pigeons, starlings and other similar birds.
  5. This gel is suitable for use on:
    • Ledges
    • Chimneys
    • Electrical signs
    • Air conditioners and heating ducts
    • Beams
    • Pipes
    • Walls
    • Fences
    • Rooftops
    • Light Poles

How to use 4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel?

4 the Birds, Bird Repellent Gel is applied with a standard caulking gun. Before inserting a cartridge of the gel into the caulking gun carriageway, simply trim the end of the plastic spout to a taper. Leave the lip on the spout for replacing the cap, on partially filled cartridges, and puncture the seal.

To apply 4 the Birds Gel, keep the tapered flat section of the cartridge spout resting lightly on the surface to be treated, then draw the caulking gun slowly towards you while applying steady pressure on the trigger during the full distance of travel. This technique provides a strip of about 1/2” wide and ensures satisfactory results.

On wider surfaces, such as chimneys, firewalls, downspouts, bell towers, AC and heating ducts etc. an additional layer may be needed.

To determine how many cartridges of 4 THE BIRDS gel repellent will be needed prior to application, simply divide the total number of linear feet to be treated by 10. Each cartridge of 4 THE BIRDS will treat 10 feet.

Things to know about 4 The Birds, Bird Repellent Gel:

  • Works in hot, cold and moderate temperatures which allows it to retain its stickiness from a frosty -9.5 C to a blistering 90 C
  • Clean the surfaces by removing any dead birds or parts of nests and then wire brush or scrape the surface before applying 4 The Birds
  • On porous surfaces, such as stone or unpainted wood, seal the surface prior to applying the gel. This is best done by brushing or spraying a coat of shellac or a 50% solution of white glue, then allowing to dry
  • If crust develops on 4 The Birds after it has been applied in an excessively dusty area, simply score it with a screwdriver to renew the surface for extended effective bird control
  • Re-application of this product may be required if placed in particularly dusty areas. To reapply, simply scrape away the old product using a suitable tool, clean the surface, and re-apply as required



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