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Solution to Timber Pest Problems

Barricade 500EC is highly effective in dealing with wood infested by common house borer, powder post beetle, two toothed and burnt pine longhorn and dry wood termites.

It will also control a wide range of crawling insects such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and spiders.

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For peace of mind when it comes to dealing with timber pests, use Barricade 500EC.

It will also control a wide range of crawling insects such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and spiders.

Due to its liquid synthetic pyrethroid insecticide formulation, Barricade 500EC is highly effective in dealing with wood infested by common house borer, powder post beetle, two toothed and burnt pine longhorn and dry wood termites.

A single treatment is usually sufficient to provide complete control, and the residual effects offer long term protection.

For warehouses and silos requiring treatment for pest control of flying insects and crawling insects in harbourages, thermal fogging of Barricade 500EC will stop them in their tracks.

Barricade 500EC is incompatible with natural rubbers.

Thermal fogging will provide limited residual control.

Domestic and Industrial

Ants – nests, runs, walls, drains and resting places wherever ants are seen.

Cockroaches – walls, skirting boards, cupboards, behind sinks, stoves and pipes. In particular, cracks and crevices.

Flies and Mosquitoes – walls and ceilings, skirting boards and all exposed surfaces where these flying insects may rest.

Spiders – nests and known hiding places, and exposed surfaces where spiders are seen.

Silverfish – area of potential infestation e.g. under skirting boards and furniture where dark conditions favour silverfish harbourage.

Aircraft Disinsection – Apply the diluted spray as a course spray to all interior surfaces including cargo and baggage holds, toilets, lockers, cupboards and other enclosed areas. Do not spray electrically sensitive equipment.

Remedial treatment and protective barriers for wood surfaces

Apply on framing, interior joinery, wooden furniture, flooring and weatherboards as both a remedial and protective treatment against wood boring insects. Inspect regularly and retreat as necessary.

Important – Food contamination

  • Do not allow spray to contact food, food preparation surfaces or food utensils.
  • Remove or cover all foodstuffs before application.
  • Do not use in areas where edible dairy or meat products are processed, packed or stored.
  • Do not use where food-packaging materials (cartons, liners etc) are stored or assembled.
  • Do not use near air vents or ducts in food stores or processing plants while they are in operation.
  • Wash all food contact surfaces thoroughly before reintroducing any foodstuffs.


1. Situations
Houses, flats, factories, shops, warehouses, restaurants, meat and dairy processing plants.

Insects Pests
Ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, spiders and silverfish

Apply 25ml in 5 litres of water – or 25ml per 100m2 treated area

Apply as fine spray at the rate of 5 litres per 100m2 or to the point of run-off, which will vary with the nature of the surface being treated, If lower water rates or if conventional misting equipment (eg Macromist) is used, the dilution rate should be adjusted so that 25ml Barricade is applied per 100m2

2. Situations
Carpets, rugs and fabrics.

Insects Pests
Carpet beetles and clothes moths.

Apply 25ml in 5 litres of water

Apply sufficient diluted spray to penetrate the carpet pile or fabric (50mls per 1 m2) Test- treat a small area of carpet first to ensure that no staining or damage will occur.

3. Situations
Thermal fogging warehouses and silos. Limited residual control.

Insects Pests
Flying insects and crawling insects harbourages.

Apply 50-100ml Barricade per 1000 cubic metres with a suitable fogging agent.

Mix Barricade at a rate of 100ml in 100-200ml of fogging agent if a water fog is desired. Apply 200-300ml of diluted product per 1000 cubic meters.

4. Situations

Insects Pests
Cockroaches, moths, beetles and mosquitoes.

Initial treatment: Apply 200mls in 5L of water.

Routine treatments: (monthly) 100mls in 5L of water.

Apply to carpets and other fabrics at 25ml spray mix per m2 and other surfaces at 10mls per m2.

5. Situations
Repellant treatment of clothing of Defence Force personal.

12ml per L of water.

Dip treat for two minutes. Pre-dry on a horizontal non-absorbent surface before hanging up to dry, to prevent excessive dripping. Use in accordance with the Australian Defence Force Publication; HLTHMAN, Vol 21, Pesticides.

6. Situations
Repellant treatment of fabric and mosquito nets (excluding clothing)

Insects Pests
Mosquitoes and biting flies.

(1) Nylon, 15mls in 500mls water.

(2) Cotton and cotton blends, 15mls in 2L water

(3) Canvas horse rugs, 15mls in 500mls water.

The dilution rate depends on the uptake rate of the material. Dip thoroughly for two minutes. Drain then dry preferably laid flat on a non absorbent surface. Mosquito nets should not be hung up to drain. Horse rugs should be sprayed until run-off and allowed to dry before putting on the horse.

7. Situations
Remedial treatment of timber in buildings.

Insects Pests
Common house borer, powder post beetle, longhorns such as two toothed and burnt pine longhorns and dry wood termites such as Kalotermes brouni.

40mls in 10L of non staining oil or kerosene. Water may be used as a diluent and the spray solution will be non-flammable. This may be preferred in some situations.

Apply to absorptive spray surfaces. Varnished or painted surfaces need to be sanded down to ensure penetration of the solution. Always add Barricade to the non-staining oil, kerosene or water capable of applying a course spray directly onto exposed timber surfaces. Alternatively Barricade may be painted on at rates of 200-300mls of spray solution per m2. Barricade may also be injected into individual borer holes using a fine tipped needle nozzle or other injecting equipment. A single application is usually sufficient to provide complete control.

Made in New Zealand



Contains: 500gm Permethrin synthetic pyrethroid

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