Bird Free Hanging Bird Repellent – Single


Bird Free Bird Repellent hanging dishes are the ultimate way to deter pest birds.
Gives off a vapour that Birds see as a flame. They naturally avoid the area.
Sold separately or in packs of 15 to cover larger areas.

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Pre-Dosed with Bird Free Repellent gel, these dishes are a specially designed discreet unit to be hung up on tree branches.

One disk will cover up to 3 square meters making it ideal to be hung up around the property.

The Bird Free Repellent works by interacting with the birds four senses.
1. Visually – The gel releases a vapor giving the appearance of fire.
2. Smell – The smell of the gel acts as a deterrent.
3. Taste – If eaten the gel will make make the birds feel unwell.
4. Touch – Birds do not like the sticky feel.

Under most weather conditions each dish will last up to 6 months.


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