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The Greenfeast Pea (Pisum sativum) is hugely popular with the home gardener, as it requires minimal attention, and is a hardy variety producing even in exposed areas.

How To Grow

  1. Ensure soil has been well prepared with compost &/or organic material.
  2. Prepare flat trenches 15cm wide and 5cm deep.
  3. Plant seeds into dark, damp soil in a zigzag fashion along the middle of the trench allowing 5cm between each seed.
  4.  Rows should be spaced 45cm apart and about 2m long.
  5. Protect from birds with netting during early stages of growth.
  6. We recommend using twigs or sticks as supports for the crop, making picking easier and improving yields.
  7. Seedlings emerge 7-10 days.
  8. Once germinated, water regularly.

Sow: Autumn through to Spring.

Harvest: 12-16 weeks

Plant Height: 70cm

Quantity: Contains 25g worth of seeds

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