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Sale – Indoor Outdoor Bird/Animal Repeller


The Pestrol Indoor Outdoor Bird Repeller is an excellent product for controlling birds in large indoor and outdoor areas. A combination of sonic and ultrasonic technologies along with a strobe light makes this unit an effective and humane solution to your pest problem!

Some areas that the Indoor Outdoor Bird Repeller can be used are yards, gardens, patios, roof cavities, factories, barns, rooftops, boats, small orchards, schools, farms, sheds and more.

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Electronic Bird Repeller.

Our most popular general purpose Bird and Animal Repeller.

Humane, no chemicals, environmentally friendly maintenance free and cost effective.

Comes with 20 foot extension cord plus also can use batteries.

The new Electronic Bird Repeller repels birds by using ultrasonic sounds generated from the units as well as utilising a strobe light.

With sound waves from 15kHz – 25kHz

  • Electronic Bird Repeller emits ultrasonic sound (inaudible to most humans)
  • Adjustable settings to change frequency.
  • Uses 9v / 240V AC adapter supplied
  • Weather resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and there is no harm done to birds or animals.,

The effective range is up to 20 metres through to 170 degrees.


Great also for warehouses, barns, grain storage,workshops,  fruit trees, tomatoes, boat storage and also outside warehouse doors to stop birds flying inside.

The primary feature of the device is the ultrasonic signal.  This is a high pressure sound that is only slightly audible to humans.  However, it is very effective at startling and scaring away unwanted birds.  Using a variable pulse generator, the ultrasonic emits a range of fluctuating sound waves to prevent the pest from becoming accustomed to the sound.

The Electronic Bird Repeller operates continuously and has the option of using the built-in motion sensor that activates the unit when animals move into its coverage area. This area size is 24 x 15 metres = 360M2. You can change the setting to be on continuously to aid in controlling smaller birds.

In total there are 3 mode settings –

Motion Sensor:  The Motion Sensor will activate the ultrasonic and sonic sounds when it detects the pests are in range.

Constant: The Constant setting will activate the ultrasonic and sonic noises and cycle through them at the range you fix at varying intervals.  The motion detector will deactivate on this setting.

Continuous Sweep:  The Continuous Sweep will activate a range of sonic and ultrasonic frequencies randomly at intervals.  The motion detector will deactivate on this setting.  This is helpful for repelling several different types of pests.

The Electronic Bird Repeller can be placed:

  • around the yard
  • garden
  • ceiling cavity
  • under eaves
  • campsite
  • garage
  • carport
  • workshops
  • porch
  • patio
  • balcony
  • greenhouses
  • pond
  • barn
  • rooftops
  • food storage.

Waterproof control box comes with a remote control, 20 foot extension cable, fixings, 9v transformer with NZ Australian (SAA / c-tick) plug.

The Pestrol Indoor Outdoor bird Repeller is also portable and can be powered with 4 x C cell batteries (not supplied)


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