Indoor Outdoor Bird/Animal Repeller


An excellent device for repelling pests such as birds, possums, rabbits, dogs, cats and much, much more.

The unit can be used in yards, gardens, patios, roof cavities, garages, sheds, factories, barns, rooftops, boats, small orchards, dairy sheds, boats, schools, farms etc.

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Why Choose Indoor/Outdoor Bird Repeller?

  • Deters birds, possums and other animals anywhere in the range of 20 meters in front of the device
  • Includes an 6 metre extension cord FREE!
  • This device uses a combination of Ultrasonic & Sonic technologies, a motion sensor and a super bright LED light to scare and repel pests
  • Equipped with a motion sensor which activates when pests are in the range
  • The motion sensor functions in low-light conditions to drive away nocturnal creatures
  • Weather resistant device and adapter
  • Environmentally friendly; safe for people and pets
  • Comes with a remote control; the strobe light and sensor can be activated remotely
  • AC adapter and extension cord are included in the packaging of the device
  • Battery option: 4 C batteries can be used as a battery backup if required
  • You can also choose the operating time; day, night or 24/7
  • Suitable for yards, gardens, patios, roof cavities, garages, sheds, factories, barns, rooftops, boats, small orchards, dairy sheds, boats, schools, farms and more

How Does it Work?

Once motion is detected, the device emits ultrasonic sounds (not usually audible to humans) to repel pests; the frequency can be varied to repel animals of different sizes. The device also emits sonic sound waves (audible to humans) which are loud, alarming sounds intended to frighten pest animals; very effective against larger pests. The LED light can be set to flash in combination with the sonic and/or ultrasonic sounds. It also acts as a security alarm if the frequency is set to affect large animals. The volume of the sonic alarm can be adjusted.

Setting Up the Device :

  • When you turn it on a red light will appear after about 15  seconds. The light will stay on for about 20 seconds and then turn off. This indicates that your device is now ready to use
  • All of the controls are on the back of the device
  • Frequency Dial: You will find a range of different frequencies with labels for the type of pest that frequency affects. You can simply turn the frequency dial to the setting that best suits your situation
  • Adjust the frequency slightly every few weeks to ensure the pest does not adapt to the sound
  • Ultrasonic switch: Can be set to activate when pests trigger the motion sensor, or set to emit Ultrasonic sound waves at regular intervals. There is also an option which combines both functions.
  • Sensitivity Dial: It adjusts the distance at which the device’s motion sensor will work
  • Sonic Volume: The volume of the sonic sounds can be adjusted; disturbance to you or your neighbours can be kept to a minimum
  • Operating time: Some pests like birds are active only in the daytime. Others like the Possum are active at night. You can choose whether the device operates only in day time, night time or both

Placement of the Device :

It’s important to place the device where it will be most effective. Place the unit near the height of the animal you want to repel and facing the area where they are most likely to frequent. Don’t place the unit on the ground as this will limit the effective range of the device. Using screws, you can fix the device to on a wall, tree, fence, stairs or even the top of your mailbox. For animals that nest in trees – birds & possums, place the device on a tree or rooftop.

Ultrasonic signals cannot penetrate through solid surfaces. Make sure there are no windows, doors or other items between the device and the area you want to cover.

Two screws and fasteners are included with this unit for mounting on walls.

Soak the back cover in hot water or leave in the sun for the plastic to soften so as to make it easier to affix to the unit.

Size: 13 x 16.5 x 9

Weight: 308g


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