No Pests Codling Moth Pheromone Trap


A great trap for solving your Codling Moth problem!

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The Codling Moths are attracted by the manufactured pheromone lure which are placed inside the trap. Once the insects enter they are then stuck to the powerful non-drying adhesive coating the interior of the trap. The glue interior is able to be replaced once the trap is full. A non-pesticide synthetic pheromone is also used to attract male Codling Moths. This will protect 3 – 5 trees in a 15 metre radius.

Tips and Tricks

Place your traps out in September / October before the moths start flying. The trap disrupts the mating cycle as it attracts male moths and kills them. Use your second lure to complete the season and remove your traps by March for use next season. Codling moth traps are packed with a set of instructions, one green easy-set delta trap with hanger, two lures, and two sticky bases.

Refills are also available on the Pestrol Website.


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