LOBELIA Crystal Palace

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Deep cobalt blue flowers on compact, bronzed foliage.

Height 15cm (6in)
Prefers sunny situation

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Crystal Palace Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) make ideal edging plants with its deep blue flowers offset by bronzed foliage. Preferring a sunny position, perfect for pots, planters and window boxes, lobelia is a half hardy annual, flowering the same year.

How To Grow:

Sow thinly in trays or pots of seed compost.
Press the small seeds into the surface. Keep moist and warm, 15-20C.
Germination will take 7-14 days.
Thin (prick out) the seedlings when they have developed 2-4 leaves, spacing 2.5cm apart.
Harden off and plant out at the end of October, spacing 10-15cm apart.
When To Plant: Autumn to early Winter.

Flowering: Spring and Summer.

Plant Height: 15cm

Quantity: 2000 seeds


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