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The Long Green Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is as the name suggests a long, green and straight cucumber.  Perfect for summer dishes, salads, sandwiches, and added to drinks and punches.  This variety is well suited to be grown in large pots on patios or balconies.

How To Grow:

  1. Sow 12mm deep, direct in final position.
  2. Sow 4-5 seeds in clumps, later thinning to the strongest 2 seedlings.
  3. Allow 100cm between rows and 40-50cm between clumps.
  4. At 5 or 6 leaves, pinch out growing tips to encourage side shoots.
  5. Keep well watered and prepare the soil with organic material and or complete fertiliser.

When To Plant: Spring and Summer.

Harvest: 8-10 weeks from sowing.

Quantity: 50 seeds

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