NoPest Guava Moth Pheromone Refill Kit


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Keep your NoPests® Guava Moth Pheromone Trap effective with this refill kit, containing 2 monitoring lures and 2 sticky glue inserts for continuous pest control.

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Ensure year-round protection against Guava Moth infestations with the NoPests® Guava Moth Pheromone Refill Kit. This kit is designed to replenish your Guava Moth Pheromone Trap with 2 sticky glue inserts and 2 monitoring lures, essential for maintaining effective pest control.

Guava Moths pose a threat to various fruits throughout the seasons. They target guava and feijoa in autumn, citrus fruits like lemon, mandarin, orange, and grapefruit during winter and spring, loquats and apples in spring, followed by plums, peaches, and nashi pears in summer. They also affect macadamia nuts from summer through early winter.

The pheromone attractant included in the refill kit mimics the scent emitted by female moths, luring male moths into the trap where they become stuck on the adhesive surface, preventing them from mating and reproducing.

The traps themselves are constructed from durable corrugated plastic, allowing them to be easily removed during harvest and reused in subsequent seasons when paired with the NoPests® Guava Moth Pheromone Refill Kit.

Protect your crops effectively and sustainably with this comprehensive solution against Guava Moth infestations.


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