NoPest Guava Moth Pheromone Trap


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Contains 1 Easy set delta trap, 1 hanger, 2 monitoring lures, and 2 sticky glue inserts.

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NoPests Guava Moth Pheromone Trap Usage Instructions:
  1. Begin by unfolding a sticky insert and placing it inside the Guava Moth Pheromone trap with the sticky side facing up, following the diagram for proper placement.
  2. Open one foil sachet containing the monitoring lure. Using tweezers to prevent contamination, carefully position the lure in the center of the sticky trap.
  3. Insert the provided wire hanger into the trap and hang it at head height on the windward side of your tree or trees where guava moths are active.
  4. Each trap is designed to monitor guava moth activity effectively for 3–5 average-sized trees spaced up to 12 meters apart. Place additional traps accordingly for larger areas or higher infestations.
  5. Regularly inspect the trap to monitor moth activity. Remove any trapped guava moths as necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the sticky surface.
  6. If the trap captures more than 12 moths per week, it indicates a significant infestation. In such cases, it is advisable to consider additional pest management measures. You may use any garden insecticide approved for guava moth control, available from garden centers or retailers.

By following these instructions, you can effectively monitor and manage guava moth populations to protect your fruit trees and ensure a healthy harvest.


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