Octenol Mosquito Attractant (for Dominator & Exterminator Units)

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Ocetonal Mosquito Attractant for the biting female mosquitoes.

To be used in Mosquito Catcher units including the Pestrol Dominator, Pestrol Exterminator & Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper.


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The smell of the Octenol attracts the female biting Mosquitoes. Simply prick some holes in the foil packet with a needle and pair it with either the Pestrol Dominator, Pestrol Exterminator, Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper, or Pestrol BugEater. You will find it greatly increases the Mosquitoes to your unit, in turn capturing them into the unit.


How long will 1x Octenol sachet last?

1x tab will last approx. 3 weeks.

How do I attach the Octenol tabs to my Pestrol Dominator?

Simply put the Octenol tab in the attachment slot provided on the side of the Pestrol Dominator.

How do I attach the Octenol tabs to my Pestrol Exterminator?

You can either pop the Octenol tab inside the bottom capture chamber of the unit, or tape to the underside of the wing/rain protecting hat of the unit.

How do I attach the Octenol tabs to my Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper?

You can tape the Octenol tab under the top of this unit or in the tray at the bottom of the unit.



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