Panasonic Oral Irrigator

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Oral Hygiene Solution for Orthodontic Patients

The orthodontic nozzle and the ultrasonic nozzle enable easier, faster, thorough orthodontic appliance care, plaque removal and periodontal pocket care.

Oral Irrigator EW1613W541 with an Orthodontic Nozzle and Ultrasonic Technology

Oral Care Is a Hassle for Orthodontic Patients

  • Thorough cleaning of teeth, gums and braces requires a special tool other than a toothbrush, and takes time and effort.

There Are Always Spots Missed After Brushing

  • During orthodontic treatment, food debris and plaque easily accumulate between teeth and braces. If plaque remains on teeth and gums after brushing, it may cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

New Oral Care Solution for Orthodontic Patients

  • An irrigator that washes away food debris with powerful water flow, plus a tuft brush that scrubs off plaque around orthodontic appliances. Oral care during orthodontic treatment, which was troublesome and difficult until now, is completed with this single unit. It’s quick, easy and hygienic.

2-in-1 Care with Water Jet Nozzle & Tuft Brush

  • While featuring the kind of easy-to-use tuft brush that is popular with orthodontic patients, the new nozzle design provides a jet of water with minimal splashing. The tuft brush also thoroughly removes sticky food such as bread, which was previously difficult to do.

Provides a Thorough Clean for those Hard to Reach Places

  • Narrow gaps, such as those around brackets and between wires and teeth, were previously very hard to clean. The pointed bristles of the new nozzle’s tuft brush reach these areas to thoroughly clean them.

Ultrasonic Technology for Effective Cleaning

  1. Narrower nozzle increases water jet speed and water vapor bubbles are generated in the ultrasonic nozzle.
  2. When the bubbles burst, they create shock waves that are gentle on gums. Together with the water flow, they provide exceptionally powerful removal of food debris even under the same level of water pressure.

Thoroughly Cleans All Areas of Teeth

  • Water jet with ultrasonic technology for easy teeth surface cleaning, interdental cleaning, periodontal pocket cleaning, gum care, and orthodontic appliance care.

Features for Easier Use

  • 3 min.* of Use with a Full Water Tank
    A full 600 mL water tank provides sufficient jet washing time (2 min. and 10 sec. of use when using the orthodontic nozzle.)
  • Magnetic Handle
    Magnet handle pit, cord holder for easy storing. When storing, the bottom of the handle doesn’t touch anything, so it stays clean.
  • Water Pressure with 10 Settings
    Water pressure can be adjusted in 10 steps, and water flow strength the last time the unit was used is automatically memorised.
  • Detachable Tank
    Easy filling and maintenance, water tank is washable in a dishwasher*.
    *Tank only, not the other parts of the product.
  • Dual Power Cord Outlet
    Convenient dual power cord outlet lets you pull out the cord from both the right and left.
  • Washable Handle
    The handle can be washed with water for easy maintenance.

Simple and Sophisticated Design
With a clean, white coloured, simple columnar design that will suit any bathroom space.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.20 × 0.125 × 0.14 m


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