Pestrol Bird Repellent Discs – 8 Pack


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Our Bird Repellent Discs can move in a 360-degree rotation providing greater effectiveness of catching the sunlight. Birds don’t like shiny objects & do anything to avoid the area. 

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The science behind all of our reflective repellent discs is simple, our feathered friends do not like glowing shiny objects and do anything to avoid the area. The Discs can move in a 360-degree rotation this provides greater effectiveness. They are easy to assemble 8 pack bird deterrent devices that can solve your problems.

Our repellent discs do not harm them in any way and are made of high quality and weatherproof durable material which will guarantee a long life.

Use our discs to repel birds from:

  • Patio
  • garden
  • fence
  • roof
  • orchards
  • swimming pool
  • crops

Stop the damage to your home or crops and remove the hassle of cleaning up droppings.

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Visual Deterrents


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