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Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000


Perfect device for keeping birds out of large open spaces such as Farms, Yards, Orchards, Gardens etc.

The use of loud audible noises of predatory birds allows this unit to cover up to 1 acre.

Effective against many species of birds, the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 can also be used as a security system.

For Residential Bird problems, Check our Elite Solar Repeller & Indoor/Outdoor Bird Repeller here.

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The Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 uses multiple predatory bird sounds to frighten smaller pest birds. The volume of the sounds can be turned up and down manually, to suit various situations and spaces. The louder the volume, the further range it will cover.

When the volume is set on maximum, the protection range of the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 is approx. 1 acre.

This has a PIR motion detection system, which means the unit will only sound when triggered by movement – great for security purposes and smaller area protection. The PIR coverage is a fan-shaped area of 130° and a distance up to 30 ft. Alternatively, the unit can be set to AUTO with the option of 5 – 30 minutes intervals, for larger area protection.

Powered by 240V mains, via a power cord, makes this the unit perfect for indoors and outdoors.


Where is the best place to position the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000?

We recommend placing this unit at one end of the space you want to keep pest birds away from. Position the unit facing the main problem area, or entry point/general direction the birds are coming from.  This is particularly important so that motion detection can pick up the movement of the birds. Also to ensure the sounds is traveling in the right direction to scare the birds away. The Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller can be mounted on a wall, fence or many other surfaces. It is best to position the unit 1 – 2.5 meters off the ground. Feel free to experiment with the position of the unit, to find what is best suited to your situation.

Can humans hear the noises from the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000?

Yes. This unit emits loud audible noises of predatory birds, which will be heard by people.

Will the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller affect my pets and other animals?

Generally, pets and other animals in the area will be able to hear the noises emitted from this unit. It is hard to say exactly how they will be affected by the noises. Field rodents and rabbits will also be deterred by this unit.  Please give us a call on 0800 88 88 44 to discuss specific animals.

Will the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 work during the day and night?

A built in photocell disables the unit when it is dark. By this point birds are usually settled.

What areas would the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 benefit from?

This unit is ideal for anywhere pest birds are a problem. This includes but is not limited to, farms, yard, orchards, gardens, commercial warehouses and more.

Is the Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000 water proof?

As this unit can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is weather resistant. It can withstand light – moderate weather conditions. We advise you to bring the nit inside in the event of sever rain and other weather conditions.

Can the Commercial Bird 1000 work as a security system to deter intruders?

Yes, it can. When a potential intruder gets close to the unit it will let off the loud audible sound hopefully startling the intruder and forcing them to leave.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Hamish (verified owner)

    Had this in my implement shed for a week and the birds have moved out after years of residence. Very pleased so far.

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