Pestrol Commercial Humane Rodent Trap


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2 Door Humane Rodent Trap is the latest Rodent trap to be added to the collection of rat and mice control products that Pestrol offers.

Pestrol Two-Door Humane Rodent Trap

This rat & mice trap is a live catch system for people that don’t want to kill rodents, but catch and release in a different area. The rodent trap has a unique 2 door system with a strategically placed bait box the lures rodents in. Made of durable material an easy to clean, the Pestrol Two-Door Humane Rodent Trap is ideal for commercial applications as well as home use.

Special Features:

  • Non-toxic and durable material, safe for kitchen, bedroom, hotel and garage
  • Sensitive trigger ensures doors close quickly when the touch pedal is set off.
  • Two doors and bait boxes increase more chances to lure Rodents into the trap
  • Portable and convenient and safe to carry


30cm Long x 22cm Wide x 15cm High



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