Pestrol Dominator Multi Insect Trap


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Dominate those pesky mozzies and killer moths with our Ultimate Insect Control Solution: The Pestrol Dominator Multi Insect Trap

Coverage: Secure up to 1 Acre (4000 sqm) of your property.

Targeted Pest: Mosquitoes, Codling Moths, Guava Moths, and Fall Army Worm Moths.

Triple-Threat Protection: Equipped with three powerful mechanisms to ensure complete insect defence.

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Dominate Mosquito and Moth Control with Pestrol Dominator Multi Insect Trap

Elevate your pest control strategy with the Pestrol Dominator Multi Insect Trap, engineered to conquer not only mosquitoes but also challenging moths like the Codling Moth, Guava Moth, and Fall Army Worm Moth. This top-tier solution is perfect for protecting your backyard, orchard, or commercial spaces. With coverage extending up to 1 acre or 4000sqm, the Dominator is a must-have to interrupt the breeding cycles of these pests and secure a pest-free zone.

Designed to withstand any weather condition, the Dominator guarantees year-round protection for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Featuring twice the area coverage of our Pestrol Terminator Outdoor Mosquito Trap, the Dominator ensures your space remains pest-free with:

  • A State-of-the-Art Air-Actuated Gate System: Our patented gate system incorporates a plastic board that leverages the fan’s air flow to trap insects effectively, ensuring they cannot escape once the device is turned off.

Optimal Placement for Maximum Protection:

  • The strategic placement of the Dominator is critical for high catch rates and rapid disruption of pests’ breeding cycles. Avoid placing the trap near other light sources and experiment with locations to find the most effective spot for capturing Codling Moths, Guava Moths, Fall Army Worm Moths, and mosquitoes.

Adaptable for Various Environments:

  • Ideal for extensive residential properties, orchards at risk of moth infestation, and commercial settings like daycare centers, golf courses, and restaurants.

Unparalleled Moth and Mosquito Control:

  • Utilises dual Fluorescent UV light bulbs and a Tio2 coating to attract a wide range of insects, including moths and mosquitoes.
  • A robust fan draws the pests into a desiccation chamber, where they dehydrate and die.
  • Regularly empty the chamber, every 2-3 weeks, to enrich your garden soil with the remains.

Boost Your Defenses with specific lures for you target species:

  • Mosquito Lure – The mosquito lure simulates human smell and helps attract mosquitoes to the trap. It will increase for catch rate.
  • Moth Lures – The moth lures are pheromone lures which essential lure the female moth to the unit. There is a lure for each type of moth you wish to target

Take charge against mosquitoes, Codling Moths, Guava Moths, and Fall Army Worm Moths with the Pestrol Dominator Multi Insect Trap. Invest in peace of mind and enjoy a pest-free outdoor experience.

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