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Pestrol Fly Light Glue Trap


Need an effective Fly Trap?

Control flies at your place or at work with our new stylishly designed Fly Light Glue Trap.

Effective / hygienic and new to Australia and New Zealand.

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Pestrol Fly Light Glue Trap

Pestrol has just launched our new fly light glue trap: Fly Killer.

The discrete fly light glue trap is the most stylishly designed trap in the world to get rid of unwanted flies at your place.

Not only effective but also hygienic due to the discreet innovative new design.

The fly light glue trap has a patented “Rear Glueboard Removal System” that makes this system not only attractive, but easy to replace and dispose of the specially formulated glueboard.

Features included:

  • Especially designed base: The pestrol fly killer is designed to encourage the flies to crawl up the base and onto the discrete located glueboard.
  • Looks great: Our customers agree, this is the most attractive looking inside fly killer for the Australian market.
  • Greater range: The specific diffuser allows for a much great angle of coverage. The diffuser sends the UVA rays which again adds to the increased performance of this fly catcher over any of fly killers on the market.

The fly light glue trap is super easy to use, looks incredible and so quick and easy to maintain. The rear fly trapping glue board removal system makes sure you dont get close to the collected flies. The glue has been significantly improved for longer lasting and with the attractant incorporated into the glue: you will see for yourself that this one of the best new methods for catching flies!

Changing the fly killers glue board should be carried out approximately every 6 weeks in summer.

Why this fly killer is the best in Australia:

  • Patented* rear glueboard removal – So easy to maintain.
  • Unique cone shaped body – Makes it easy for the flies to get caught.
  • High efficacy UV tube – Longer lasting than other cheaper less effective UV globes.
  • Innovative glueboard technology – Just means the flies not only get attracted by the UV light but also the pheromone infused attracting fly glue board.
  • Tightly curved diffuser – The polypropylene diffuser distributes the UV light throughout 180° whilst discreetly hiding caught flies
  • Complete peace of mind – 30 Day money back guarantee / One year guarantee (excluding tube)


Unit Dimensions (mm) – 300x190x140

Coverage – 30m2

Tubes – 1 x 18W

Weight – 1.5kg

How do Glueboard Flykillers Work?

  • Glueboard flykillers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit. With no noise.
  • Then, the glueboard retain the flying insects – no killing sound or zapping.
  • As the insect is caught and retained whole, glueboard flykillers are ideal for more sensitive environments.
  • Glueboard fly killers are ideal for use in domestic and commercial front-of-house areas.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not a great fly catcher – it has caught only a few -however it catches lots of mossies, fruit flies & moths – so we love it! And it is really nice looking so we are very happy to have it on display in our kitchen (makes a good night light too).

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