Pestrol Hybrid Indoor Mosquito Trap


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Latest technology in the fight to remove mozzies around your home or business. The Hybrid Mosquito Trap is a stylish product that utilises multiple technologies, including zapping and light attracting that lures the mosquitoes in and they get caught in a dry storage chamber.

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Hybrid Mosquito Trap is our very latest release in the fight to remove the annoyance of blood-sucking mozzies. This product is exclusive to Pestrol and is a 3-in-1 Intelligent Dual Frequency Mosquito Killer.

If you are the type of person these flying vampires love to feast on, then this product is for you. No more filmy sprays or icky scents. The rounded profile makes it look calming to almost anyone, but the special UV light is what really attracts the mosquitos. Once they get close, a high-powered fan sucks them into a central chamber and the high powered electrical grid puts them out of their misery and yours.

The 360-degree design ensures greater capture rate to attract more mozzies and greater success. There are not many things in life that are more annoying and dangerous than being buzzed by mosquitoes and other flying insects. Fighting them off can be a full-time job and takes away the fun of sitting outside on your balcony or deck areas or inside where you simply are trying to watch TV or have a good nights sleep.

Featuring a next-generation UV lamp, 2 high-powered whisper-quiet fans and an electrical grid, this state-of-the-art mosquito trap is a completely safe and eco-friendly solution for getting rid of obnoxious insects both indoors and outdoors.

Simply place the mosquito trap anywhere in your immediate vicinity and the ultraviolet light will attract flying insects into its sphere. The flying pest is then sucked up into the device via the double ventilation system and killed instantly thanks to an interior electrical grid that boasts 1100V of power.

The Hybrid Mosquito Trap even operates within an expansive surface area of 80sqm, and you’ll be able to take it with you on the go thanks to its lightweight design and compact build.

And thanks to an intelligent 24-hour light control mode you won’t have to worry about it staying on when it’s not in use—saving you power when you’re at home and out camping.

Mosquito Trap Features

  • 360-degree mosquito trap: greater visibility of the Mosquito luring UV light resulting in increase capture rate.
  • Electric Shock Mode and Suction Mode
  • Dual whisper-quiet fan mode.
  • Continuous operation with or without UV light option.
  • Physical trapping, chemical-free and radiation-free.
  • UV light automatically turns on when its dark, or off when it’s light.
  • Stand up or attach to a wall.
  • Family and pet safe.
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty.

3-1 Hybrid Mosquito Trap Specifications

  • Electrically tested for Australian and NZ standards.
  • Power: 10W
  • Voltage: 12V=1A
  • 326mm x 118mm x 160mm
  • Coverages 80sqm
  • Noise level <40dB when on Fan Mode.
  • Fan 1800 RPM

The Mosquito Trap Includes

  • 3-1 Hybrid Mosquito Trap
  • AC adaptor
  • Manual

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