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  • Uses 360 degrees of light waves to trap mosquitoes
  • Uses smell to trap mosquitoes
  • Uses strong air vortex to catch mosquitoes
  • Uses electric shock to kill mosquitoes
  • No radiation, suitable for mother and baby

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Mini Rechargeable Mosquito Trap is an efficient anti-mosquito lamp you can use for double trapping and killing mosquitoes with ease.

The bait is made of ammonium bicarbonate and lactic acid which attract mosquitoes into the trap. The bait attracts all kinds of mosquitoes with their favourite odours. Even if the bait is not used, the lamp can still kill mosquitoes. Please store the unused baits in a cool and dry place.

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Product includes:

Anti-Mosquito Lamp X 1

Micro USB Cable X 1

User Manual X 1

Mosquito Bait X 1

Accessories Needle X 1

Brush X 1

Product Parameters:

Product Name: Anti-Mosquito Lamp

Colour: Black

Material: ABS + PC

Input: DC 5V / 1A

Power: 3W

Size: 136mm X 136mm X 263mm

Instructions for use of mosquito bait:

  1. Take out mosquito bait.
  2. Poke the four holes on the mosquito bait box with the accessory needle.
  3. All holes must be poked, otherwise, the effect of mosquito bait cannot be fully exerted.
  4. Put the mosquito bait into the bait installation hole of the trapper.

Installation and removal of mosquito storage box:

  1. Removing
    1. Remove the main body in the “open” direction indicated by the above character.
    2. When the sound of “pa” is heard, remove the mosquito storage box downward.
  2. Installing
    1. Rotate the main body in the “close” direction.
    2. When the sound is heard, the mosquito storage box can be closed tightly.

LED light mode:

LED working indicator: When charging and working blue light on.

LED electric shock indicator: When the red light is on, enter the electric shock mode.

Operating instructions:

  1. Press the switch for the first time to turn on the mosquito killer lamp.
  2. Press the switch for the second time (the electric shock indicator light is red) to switch to electric shock mode.
  3. Press the switch for the third time to turn off the lamp.
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