Sale – Pestrol Outdoor Dominator 2017 Model

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The Pestrol Dominator XL is excellent for controlling the Mosquito population on larger properties and entertaining areas.

  • A bigger design for a bigger catch
  • 1 acre coverage
  • All weather construction – durable
  • Chemical free
  • Easy to set up
  • New LED technology for greater attraction

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The Pestrol Dominator uses UV bulbs with a Ti02 coating. Ti02 produces carbon dioxide, like humans do, which attracts the insects in the area toward to unit. Insects are then sucked into the unit by a fan and trapped in the bottom catch compartment. The Pestrol Dominator will cover up to 1 acres (depending on the type and layout or the area).


Where is the best place to position the Pestrol Dominator?

It is best to position the dominator as centrally as possible while keeping it away from main human populations. Try to position the dominator between the problem area and where people are situated. It is important to know the mosquito’s and other similar insects breed where there are wet areas – if this is a problem for you, try to position the dominator close to these areas.

Is the Pestrol Dominator noisy?

No! The Pestrol Dominator is very quiet. The noise emitted is from the built in fan used to suck in the bugs and insects. This noise is quiet and similar to the sound a computer fan would make.

What areas would the Pestrol Dominator benefit from?

The Pestrol Dominator can be used indoors and outdoors to control insect and bug populations. The unit is suited to any large areas where mosquito’s and other similar insects are problematic. These areas include, but are not limited to: homes, accommodation, gardens, outdoor eating/entertaining areas, camping areas, farm buildings, cattle sheds, restaurants, schools and many more.

How long does the Pestrol Dominator need to take effect and should I run the trap each day?

The Pestrol Dominator will immediately start trapping insects and bugs if the area is highly populated. It can take up to 3-5 weeks to dramatically reduce the populations in the area, so running the trap each day is recommended.

How long to the bulbs/lamps last for the Pestrol Dominator?

You should expect to get an average of 3,000-5,000 hours out of the UV bulbs/lamps. It is recommended that you replace the bulbs/lamps every 12 months to maintain UV effectiveness.


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