Pestrol Rat Trap


Humane Method to trap Mouse and Mice.

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No need to set poison bait, hence it’s safe for use around pets and children.

Made from durable wire with a matte finish for extra strength and corrosion resistant.

It is a method which avoids nasty encounters with deceased animals and means there is no risk of deceased Rodents decomposing in those difficult to reach places. The Rat Trap is compact so can it can be left in those small, tight spaces in which Rodents like to hide such as; in cupboards or behind appliances. It is safe to use for all and posses no threat to Children or Animals.

Effective Trapping Method:

  • Identify the most common route of the Rats i.e through droppings, and position the trap in un-avoidable places. Make sure not to place it anywhere near items such as food which may be in danger from contamination from things such as urine.
  • Insert the bait, we recommend foods with a strong attractant smell such as Bacon, Apple, Cheese, Nuts or even Chocolate!
  • Check trap daily for trapped Rodents
  • Release Rodent as desired.


225mm x 145mm x 100mm


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