Pestrol S5 Narrow Base Bird Repelling Spikes


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Length: 50cm

Base Width: 4cm

Spike Width: 13cm

Height: 10cm

Base: Narrow Base UV Protected Polycarbonate

Spikes: 5 spike design straight

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The new S5 Pestrol bird spikes are the latest of our bird spike range. With the 5 spike design, small birds are unable to hop between the spikes meaning these spikes will repel all types of birds.

Why choose the Pestrol S5 Bird Spikes?

  • Kind to Birds: These spikes are super humane. They keep birds away without hurting them. How cool is that?
  • Eco-Friendly: No harm to the environment here. They’re totally non-lethal.
  • Say Bye to Bird Mess: Perfect for keeping buildings free from seagulls, pigeons, and those crafty Indian mynas.
  • Install Anywhere: Super easy to put up with screws, zip ties, nails, or even some glue.
  • Built to Last: Made with stainless steel that won’t rust, so they’re sticking around for the long haul.
  • Blends Right In: They’re pretty much invisible, keeping your place looking sharp.
  • Fits Everywhere: Thanks to a flexible base, you can attach them on straight or curvy spots.
  • Use Them Everywhere: Ideal for edges, walls, signs, and gutters – you name it.

Curious about how they work? Imagine a no-bird zone created by these long, spiky rods that gently tell birds to hang out elsewhere. These spikes make landing too tricky for birds without being mean. Plus, with durable materials and UV-protection, these bird busters are in it for the win, ensuring birds can’t just push them aside.

Often dubbed the ultimate bird deterrent, these spikes can go on ledges, walls, signs, and more, especially handy in busy city centres or coastal areas where bird parties tend to happen. Give your space a break from birds the friendly way with Pestrol Bird Spikes!

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