Pestrol Smart Infared Electric Heater


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  • Smart Wi-Fi | App Intelligent Control
  • 1s Quick Heat
  • Carbon Tube for Far Infrared Heating
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Auto Shut Off | Toppling Power Off

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The space heater of your dreams is finally here! Pestrol’s Far Infrared Smart Electric Heater is one of New Zealand’s best-looking and top-performing heaters. With seamless connectivity to your Smart Home System via the Smart App, you can easily enjoy a cosy winter at home. This indoor heater is safe, easy to use, and even shuts off if accidentally knocked over. It’s lightweight, portable, energy-efficient, and boasts a modern design that complements any decor.

Experience the ultimate convenience with Smart controls accessible from your phone, smart devices, or a close-range remote control. Utilizing a carbon fibre heating tube, this heater converts electricity into radiant heat using infrared technology, avoiding air-blowing or unpleasant smells. It operates in various heating modes and automatically shuts off when overheated. It’s an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heaters, easy to install and maintain.

The Infrared Smart Electric Heater by Pestrol is more than just a heater. With far-infrared heating, it offers high heating efficiency and strong penetration, ensuring heat isn’t easily lost. This advanced technology also provides numerous health benefits, such as promoting blood circulation, relieving joint pain, and regulating autonomic nerves.

Unlike traditional heaters like Halogen tube heaters, which emit infrared light that only heats the skin’s surface and can cause a burning sensation and dry skin, the far infrared rays from our heater penetrate deeper into muscle tissue. This activates water molecules, producing resonance and converting heat into energy. The result is a gentle, inside-out warming sensation that leaves your skin hydrated. Far infrared is a safer, more comfortable way to warm up your body and can stimulate natural healing processes, promoting overall wellbeing.

Additionally, our heaters use carbon fibre, which enhances efficiency and effectiveness, unlike Halogen tube heaters that use halogen tubes.

Upgrade your home heating system with the Infrared Smart Electric Heater by Pestrol and experience the amazing heat and health benefits of far infrared technology.

This energy-efficient Far Infrared Smart Electric Heater is a must-have for anyone seeking stylish design, superior heating, and energy efficiency.

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  • Smart Wi-Fi Controls – Smartphone connectivity
  • 4 Adjustable Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Multi-head Rotation
  • Indoor Use
  • Far Infrared Heating Technology
  • Looks Amazing


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