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Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper


The Solar Mosquito Zapper is an economical and effective trap, you can use it on its own or pair it with our Exterminator or Dominator for maximum protection. The Solar Mosquito Zappers’ Solar feature makes it the perfect unit. Set and forget!



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The Solar Mosquito Zapper works by luring mosquitoes from the surrounding area (up to 75m2) with its ‘High White’ LED globe. Once the mosquitoes are drawn in by the light, the zapper kills the mosquito and drops it into the catcher underneath. The only maintenance is the catcher underneath just needs to be emptied when full. You will begin to notice the catcher will fill up quickly, but over time the frequency will lessen as the breeding cycle of the mosquito population is broken.


Where is the best place to position the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper?

It is best to position the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper as centrally as possible while keeping it away from main human populations. Try to position the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper between the problem area and where people are situated. It is important to know that mosquito’s and other similar insects breed where there are wet areas – if this is a problem for you, try to position the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper close to these areas. The unit comes with a carry handle that makes it extremely easy to hang the unit wherever you require, or a garden stake can be fitted to the bottom and placed into the ground.

What areas would the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper benefit from?

The Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper can be used indoors and outdoors to control insect and bug populations. The unit is suited to any main areas where mosquito’s and other similar insects are problematic. These areas include, but are not limited to: homes, work place, gardens, camping areas, swimming pools and many more.

How long does the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper need to take affect and should I run the trap each day?

The Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper once charged, will immediately start trapping insects and bugs if the area is highly populated. It can take up to 4-6 weeks to dramatically reduce the populations in the area, so running the trap each day is recommended.

How long will the battery charge last from the solar panel in the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper?

Once the unit has full charge the U.V light will last 30 hours and the zapper will have enough power to go for 15 hours.

Will the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper only be powered by the solar panel?

The Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper Can either be run off the solar panel which charges the rechargeable batteries inside the unit or through a power cord supplied with the unit. This makes the Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper very versatile and ideal for places where power supply cannot be reached or in shaded areas.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg

Solar panels, UV LED lights, Zapper.


Mosquitoes, Moths.


Up to a quater acre 1012m2.


Insect killer: UV LED lamp attract and entrap insects effectively, 800V.
Illuminating lamp: 8PCS high light white LED
Emergency light: Use outdoor or camping as emergency light
High-performance solar panel: 6V 170Ma polycrystalline silicon
Rechargeable battery: 3.6V DC 1800mAh Lithium Battery
Power supply: Solar energy or DC adaptor (included)
Usage environment: hang on the balcony, stand on table and stick into garden
Working time: Insect killer 15hours, Illumination 30hours


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