Pestrol Solar Water Jet Bird & Animal Repeller


New & Improved water jet repellers which are powered by Solar panel!

Ideal solution for outdoor removal of pests. Solar Water Jet Repeller has a motion sensor and a detection range of 10 meters. Simply connect to any garden hose and its ready to work!

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The new and updated water jet repeller is more powerful and it’s absolutely harmless. Its the ideal solution for your outdoor pest problems. The water jet repeller sends out a blast of water for 5 seconds as soon as it detects an animal in your backyard.

Pestrol Water Jet Repeller is used to repel animals like Cats, Dogs, Birds, Possums, ducks, geese, rabbits and many more.

Why choose Pestrol Solar Water Jet Bird Repeller and Animal Repeller?

  • Water efficient device, 100% harmless to humans as well as animals
  • Powered by solar energy and 2xAA NIMH rechargeable batteries (included with the unit) which get charged by solar power.
  • Simple to use, simply connect it to any garden hose
  • It sprays 5 seconds bursts of water to frighten away birds and other animals.
  • Equipped with a motion sensor and it has a detection range of 10 meters and an arc angle coverage of 120 degrees.
  • Only triggers when animals move into the detection area
  • Easy setup, comes with a metal stake that can be pushed into the ground.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted on the unit : 0 to 10 meter PIR sensitivity enables variable coverage area up to 100 square meters.
  • Frequency and sensitivity of the device can be adjusted as per your requirement.
  • Great for hot summer months as a run around water activity for families as well!


  • The unit is easy to set up, slide off the outer casing on the front of the unit exposing the battery compartment. Lift off the battery cover and insert 2xAA NIMH rechargeable batteries. Thread the jet-spray unit onto the top of the sensor housing and tighten carefully by hand to avoid leaks.
  • Screw the metal stake with the unit and carefully push the stake into the ground in the desired location taking care not to apply direct pressure to the sensor unit housing.
  • Ensure that the sensor unit is pointing in the direction of the area you wish to protect from pests, and make sure there are no obstructions in front of the PIR sensor.
  • Set the sensitivity of the PIR sensor by turning the dial at the back of the unit – 0 is OFF and 9 will sense movement approximately 10 meters in front of the PIR sensor.


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