Pestrol Spiral Bird Repellent Reflective Rod – 12 Pack


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Deter unwanted annoying birds with out reflective hanging rods!

They catch the sunlight when they twist in the wind and emit a bright light that birds don’t like! This causes them to leave the area in a hurry


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Put these rods up in a sun-lit area and the slightest breeze will make them sparkle in the light. Birds hate the uncertainty of a shimmering light.

Protect your decks, cars, pool, gardens and more with these aesthetically pleasing bird deterrent rods.

  • 12 pack!
  • Perfect, simple and easy way to deter birds from a specific area
  • All are attached with weatherproof hanging material
  • 30cm in length and 2.5cm wide.
  • The slightest breeze is enough to get the bird repellent rods spinning and doing their thing.
  • Protect your assets: Create anti-bird zones
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  1. Kim W. (verified owner)

    They work! We’ve tried all kinds of products and this was the year we finally succeeded in protecting our plums and grapes from birds. I will collect and store the scarers so that they don’t deteriorate and so that the birds don’t become accustomed to them and they will be the only bird protection we use next summer.

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