Pestrol Suck It Up Device


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The Pestrol Bug Catcher allows you to catch unwanted spiders, bugs, wasps, mosquitoes, moths or cockroaches with absolute ease.

Also comes equipped with an LED light

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Pestrol Suck It Up Bug Catcher – 35 cm – Catch unwanted Moths and Insects easily.

No nasty chemicals – catch and release as required.  So easy to use!

Catch and Release creepy crawlies humanely and without any harm. The Pestrol Suck It Up device works like a  vacuum cleaner, helping you suck up moths, spiders, bugs, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, or cockroaches into a long plastic tube.

Dispose in the sink or toilet or just let it go outside.

This vacuum is powered by a 3.7 v rechargeable battery installed in the device.

It can be charged with a USB cable included in the package.

Charge time is around 2 hours.


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