Pindone Rabbit Pellets (25kg)


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A first generation multi-feed anticoagulant Rabbit bait that reduces the danger to domestic pets. 

A first generation multi-feed anticoagulant Rabbit bait that reduces the danger to domestic pets. 

Rabbits like the taste so they’re unlikely to stop feeding before consuming a lethal dose – therefore there should be no bait shyness.

A large quantity of Pindone would need to be consumed for animals, such as cats and dogs, to suffer poisonous effects. This makes Pindone less hazardous to non-target animals while still being lethal to rabbits. Rabbits like the grain/cereal taste of the pellets so will keep coming back for more, ensuring a lethal dose is consumed. Pellets are green in coloring to deter birds and other native wildlife from consuming. The risk of secondary poisoning to dogs is also low due to rabbits mostly meeting their end while tucked up in their burrows

In the unlikely event that a pet manages to consume a significant volume of Pindone, their gums will become very pink to signify their exposure and a visit to the vet for a Vitamin K injection will have them back to their normal selves

BY LAW, this product must be used in bait stations

Check out the NoPests Multifeeder , specially designed for rabbit baiting.

How to use Pindone for Rabbits:

  1. Remove all domestic stock from the area being treated.
  2. Locate all signs of rabbits. This is critical, as the placement of bait is vital to the success of the operation.
  3. Rabbits can be identified by their droppings, which are oval shaped, about one centimeter in length, and often in small heaps.
  4. Rabbits prefer short pasture and usually graze the pasture very low. The area they graze can be identified by this
    short grazing or by scrapes or scratchings in the pasture.
  5. DO NOT lay bait if heavy rain is expected within a day of laying the bait.
  6. Rabbits are neophobic (fearful of anything new), so place bait stations without bait for a few days so that the rabbits get used to them.
  7. Allow extra bait. There will be more rabbits than you see, by a factor of approximately five times.
  8. Pellets to be ONLY used at night, and close the bait station during the day to stop birds eating it. For the first four nights, check the bait stations the next day to ensure                                          a continuous supply of bait. If bait continues to be consumed after night four, continue refilling the bait station until consumption reduces significantly.
  9. Once bait consumption reduces significantly, check for further signs after another 10 to 14 days. Repeat the application if there are still signs of rabbits.

Using a bait station:

Pindone Rabbit pellet bait should be applied via a NOPESTS Multifeeder bait station or similar.

The NoPests Multifeeder is easy and safe to move around, the canister construction protects bait from decay and exposure to the elements. Designed to eliminate spillage and waste, and is ideal for rabbits with up to three rabbits able to feed at once. The outer sleeve allows the station to be sealed, dry and weatherproof during the day and opened at night when rabbits are more active.

The open/close function of the Multifeeder is a great way to reduce risk of non-target species being affected. It is strongly recommended that the bait station be closed during the day and opened only at night.

Scratch the earth in front of the bait station and turn holes down so that the bait can be easily accessed.

Ensure that the grass is short, as rabbits love short grass.

If your neighbouring property is not undertaking rabbit control, this can affect your success. Sometimes it’s best to join forces and combat the situation together.

For additional information download this PDF 

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