PUMPKIN Butternut

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The Butternut Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) is a versatile variety with a sweet nutty tasting bright orange flesh and few seeds.  Delicious roasted or steamed, in pumpkin in pies, soups or salads.

How To Grow:

  1. Sow seeds in clumps of 3-5 seeds, spacing each clump 60cm apart.
  2. Place the seeds on their edges to ensure they don’t rot and keep moist. Soil must be warmed.
  3. Thin to the strongest seedling in each group when they emerge.
  4. Harvest when the stalks become dry.

When To Plant:  Spring.

Harvest:  Late Summer to Autumn.

Quantity: 25 seeds

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Yummy butternut soup! Casseroles, lasagna, or hummus!

  • Packed with a sweet nutty flavour
  • Perfect for roasting & stuffing
  • Hardy and reliable


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