RADISH French Breakfast

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French Breakfast Radish (Raphanus sativa) is a is a fast-growing, long rooted variety, crisp, tender, with a mild flavour.  This variety is fast growing and great for getting the kids into gardening as it can be ready to harvest in as little as 4 weeks.

How To Grow:

  1. Sow thinly 1.5cm deep.
  2. Sow at fortnightly intervals for succession, in rows 25cm apart.
  3. Thin out to 2.5cm apart and keep well watered.

When To Plant: All year as required.

Harvest: All year as required.  You will see the top of the radish poking up through the soil, when it is 2-3cm across it is ready to pick.

Quantity: 500 seeds

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Ready for a peppery flavour, & crunchy texture? Try these.

  • Old favourite with gardeners
  • Very versatile vegetable
  • Make a perfect catch crop in between other crops


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