Spray and Go 2 L TURBO Refill


The new easy to use, Spray and Go TURBO bottle takes the hassle out of time consuming outdoor chores. Simply attach your garden hose to the unique TURBO attachment and start spraying the area you wish to treat. simly sit down, relax and wait for the Spray and Go TURBO formula and the weather to do the rest!

  • No Water Blasting
  • No Scrubbing
  • Bleach Free
  • Bio-degradable Formula
  • Visable Results within 24 hours
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Works with the garden hose
  • New Spray Attachment for easy application
  • Protection for 12 months+
  • Safe around children & pets

Purchase our refill bottle and simple resure the attachment you recieved with your origional Spray and Go TURBO bottle. Saving you money and ensuring we all help keep the enviroment clean and green!

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The easy to use Spray and Go TURBO takes the hassle out of outdoor chores. Simply attach your garden hose and start spraying your desired area. Wait for the Spray and Go TURBO with the enhanced formula and the weather to do the rest for you!

The Spray and Go TURBO refill is simple and easy to use. Simply open the refill bottle and attach the sprayer unit from your first Spray and Go TURBO bottle. Turn the hose on and away you go! The special hose attachment designed specially for the TURBO application automatically mixes in the correct water to solution ratio so you don’t have to worry about sprayer bottles, mess or over dilution.  The formula is much stronger than the regular Spray and Go product.


  • Connect the garden hose to the attachment on top of bottle (recommended to use 50% of normal hose pressure when attached to the Spray and go TURBO)
  • Hold the bottle with the hose attached, in your desired hand and bend plastic locking tab switch to the  “on” setting
  • Commence spraying motion, ensuring you target the desired areas
  • Leave to dry and allow formula to take effect


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