Stimukil Fly Bait Station


The Stimukil Bait Station is a station for placing stimukil bait inside.

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The Stimukil Bait Station is a device which holds the Stimukil Fly Bait to get rid of the presence of flies around the affected areas. These fly bait stations can be used in  home, office, restaurant, cafe, shop or on the farm. The use of this station ensures that the bait itself avoids contact directly with surfaces in homes and other food establishments which ensures the safety of the surrounding people.

Directions for use:

  • Place one Stimukil Bait Station every 40 square meters of the affected area.
  • Fill the bait station with the acquired amount of bait as per the bait instructions.
  • Re-fill when required.


Health and Environmental Impacts:

There are no health and/or environmental impacts due to the use of this product.



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