Stimukil Fly Bait 454g


Stimukil is most active on common house flies, but will also provide some control of lesser house flies and blowflies.

Fly Bait Station

The Stimukil Bait Station is a station for placing stimukil bait inside.

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Stimukil Fly bait contains a carbamate insecticide, Trichosene sex pheromone and sugar to attract flies to feed from the bait. The bait can be used in multiple different devices and still end with the same results. This bait can be used in the Stimukil Bait Stations, distributed in trays or scattered over the affected area provided there are no small children are likely to be present.

Directions of use:

Use with a Bait Station:

  • Pour Stimukil Fly Bait into the fly bait station.
  • Replace cover carefully to avoid spillage of the bait.
  • Use the product at the rate of approx. two bait stations per 50 square meters of fly feeding areas.
  • Use fly bait stations around the outside of broiler houses, kennels, canneries, beverage processing plants, meat and poultry processing establishments etc.

Scatter Bait Use:
The use of scatter bait is limited solely to commercial establishments where children will not be present.

  • Distribute bait from the container or use another device to avoid handling bait directly.
  • Scatter bait (do not put in piles) at a rate of 120g per 50 square meters of area.

Brush on Use:

  • Mix 100g of Stimukil with 100ml of water to form a paste and stir well.
  • Apply paste with a brush on walls, windowsills, and support beams where flies usually land. Such that cattle cannot come in contact with the paste.

Storage and Disposal:

Store in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and animals.

Container disposal:
Triple rinse empty container, crush and bury in a suitable landfill.


  • May be harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
  • Avoid breathing dust and contact with skin, eyes, and clothing.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, especially gloves and footwear, when handling and using bait and equipment.
  • Wash thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking.


  • Harmful to aquatic organisms and soil environment.
  • Do not apply directly to water.
  • Do not contaminate any water body with bait or empty container.
  • Harmful to birds, domestic animals and wildlife.
  • Accessible areas treated with this bait are hazardous to birds and wildlife.
  • Collect, cover or buy granules spilled on the ground.
  • Toxic to bees.
  • Do not place baits within 400 meters of beehives.

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not use around or inside homes or other places where children are likely to be present.
  • Do not use commercial waste bins that are not enclosed or are in residential settings.


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