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A charming mix of sweet scented flowers.

Flowers all year round
Height: 30cm
Perfect for baskets,borders or pots

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Swan River Daisy (Brachycome iberidifolia) is a charming mix of sweet-scented flowers that give a superb display in beds, baskets, pots or window-boxes throughout the summer. An excellent bee and pollinator attracting flower, the Swan River Daisy is a half hardy annual, flowering the in same year, and prefers a sunny position.

How To Grow:

Sow in flowering position, thinning seedlings if necessary.
Alternatively, sow in pots or trays of seed compost. Maintain gentle warmth and keep compost moist, but not saturated.
Thin (prick out) to other trays when seedlings are large enough to handle.
Harden off before planting out when seedlings reach 5-10cm tall.
Dead head to prolong flowering season.
When To Plant: All year round as required

Flowering: All year round as required

Plant Height: 30cm

Quantity: 500 seeds


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